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-Resurrection label is came out over the world

TIN 뉴스 | 기사입력 2012/04/13 [09:28]
꼭 고집하는 것이나 컨셉이라기 보다는 내가 입고 싶은옷을 입자.
남의 시선보다는 내가 좋고 내가 행복하고 즐겁자는 생각으로 스타일링하는 것이 중요하다.
패션은 그날 기분에 따라 올 블랙 패션을 입고 나가기도 하고 다양한 컬러를 매치하기도 하는 그냥 무엇으로도 정의할 수 없는 나만의 스타일을 간직하는 것이 키포인트다.

▲  We are a family in the fashion world  ©TIN 뉴스

When I met Ross James as a Fashion photographer at Seoul Fashion Week, Ross shot over 50 shows at fashion week and it was great to be surrounded by everyone in the fashion industry. I couldn't help but wonder who he was. For sure, he was around a mystery but so strong into his own character.

It's not only that he’s foreigner but it's also that he’s one of the popular photographers over the world and he's even into the Korean fashion. So today, I'm gonna tell you his story.


- How could you get into the Korean fashion week?

​“I am from Seattle in the USA so I have been influenced by West Coast fashion a lot. In 2007, my wife and I started a fashion photography business. In Seattle, we met a Korean-American designer named Choi Bo Young and she introduced us to Korean fashion. That's how I first got into the korean fashion. Also when I lived in Seattle, I had a partnership with an online fashion magazine called ‘Fashion Network’ that was based in Seattle. I had been shooting with a Korean designer in Seattle and ‘Fashion Network’ featured our work in their online magazine. When I told them I was about to move to Korea, they wanted me to serve as a correspondent. They had an interest in Seoul street fashion and Seoul fashion designers. They thought that Seattle fashion designers would like to see trends happening in Korea. So they asked me to cover fashion week for them.”

- What do you think of Korean fashion?
​I think the Korean fashion industry is in an exciting time right now. The world is starting to notice Korean designers and that's exciting for me to watch. I personally know designers at Resurrection and Post December and both labels have been well received in New York. I want to help the korean fashion industry as much as I can. I believe that the international community could find some inspiring things about korean fashion.

-Do you have any impressive designer or show in the last fashion week?

​I thought Yang and Big Park had a lot of fun energy. Cinu also made an impression on me. And of course Resurrection always fascinates me. I was very impressed with the overall quality of fashion at Seoul fashion week. 
▲  Unusual but be myself by Ross JAMES ©TIN 뉴스

- What’s different between the Korean fashion and the other if there are any differences.

“​I had to ask my wife about this question. The first word that comes to her mind is free-flowing. The fabrics are thin and breathable. There seems to be a resistance to use thick layers and thick fabric in korean fashion, and this is a striking difference. This past fashion week was for fall and winter yet everything was very thin and flowing. I also see American designers experimenting with the body silhouette and not being afraid of distorting the body shape of the clothes. I noticed that korean designers like to experiment with drop hem pants and I like that”

- Please, Tell us if there’s any message. Such as fashion , where should be going for the next show if you’ve gotten any idea.

“Resurrection label has been making many positive connections in New York so they are one to watch. Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas is a fan of Resurrection and I think they have international appeal”

- You are a popular and professional photographer in the Korean fashion week so I guess you got something to tell us esp. to your fan : if there’s any photographer who wants to be as you , what would you tell to them? 

​“If you are a foreigner trying to work in the international fashion market, it is really important to learn about the culture you want to live in. Learn the language, make friends, and network as much as you can. Try to intern for people who you want to learn from. Study fashion and never stop trying. Keep your passion for fashion and good things will happen”

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